Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kaschei the Deathless?

Do you remember a fairy hero - Kaschei the Deathless? He was invulnerable to a human hand because his heart was hidden across nine lands in the tenth, on the bottom of a lake, in a case, locked with ten keys and so on.

Have you ever felt like that? When your heart has been trusted in someone's hands and nothing seems frightning enough, nothing can touch you - rudeness, failures, misunderstandings; you pass the problems wearing a mantle-invisible, you look ahead, you can survive, and the world is not a treat to you. Because your heart is in someone's hands.

The world becomes more colorful and less dangerous, because someone is expecting you - yes, you; someone is thinking about you, someone loves you. You are invulnerable now!

However, the possibility exists that this someone would compress your heart with both their little or big hands and hurt you terribly. Still they may never do it. Would you give them a chance?

Maybe the only opportunity to be invulnerable is to be like Kaschei - do not give your heart to anybody but keep it behind your fears and barriers. Rules, principles, doubts, order - against this harmful feeling 'love'. Your heart is whole and entirely yours, but you are so cold... You yearn for someone to hug you, but you never let them close. You want someone to love you, but... nobody guarantees against disappointments. Acrоss nine lands in the tenth, on the bottom of a lake, in a case locked by ten keys - so secure, so guaranteed, and so invulnerably lonely.

Is there any way to be invulnerable?

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