Thursday, February 02, 2012

Siri Is Apple’s Broken Promise

Here's the thing: Apple has to bring it to justify those premium prices. And it typically does, even when it is late to the game. The iPod wasn't the first music player, but it was the best; it was simple and wonderful. The iPhone was not the first smartphone, but it changed people's lives in a way that hadn't happened before; it was intuitive and powerful. The iPad was not the first of its kind, but I waited for the Cupertino Nod to buy a tablet. You know what? It was worth the wait too.
And then there's Siri. If I wanted a half-baked voice control system, I could snag an Android phone for $49 at T-Mobile. Instead, I waited, and gladly plunked down hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone in October—because it promised to be flawless (or close enough), like everything before it.
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