Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hard Drive Sizes

Have you recently bought a hard drive? Then you already know that the computer shows the binary vs decimal computation...

For example,
80GB = 74GiB
120GB = 111GiB
160GB = 149GiB (divide by 1.074 or 3 times by 1.024)
200GB = 186GiB
250GB = 233GiB
300GB = 279GiB
400GB = 372GiB
500GB = 465GiB

Its the way it is. Computers define 1GB as 1024MB and 1MB as 1024KB etc, However hard drive manufacturers use 1GB = 1000MB etc to simplify things and always have, this means that the values on the hard drives are correct, but a different definition. The effect this has is less on smaller hard drives so your 160GB drive is a little closer.

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