Monday, October 16, 2006


Did you know... the facts about sex ? It:

slows down aging
. endocrine glands are activated
. 5-10 years younger in appearance
. toxins are eliminated through skin
. hair and nails are healthier
. makes you look good and feel better

reduces fat
. burns 150-300 calories
. strengthens body muscles
. experiment new positions
. make out to be in shape, stay in shape to make out

improves immune system
. the sex machine is to be used
. otherwise the whole organism suffers
. train regularly your genitals and thus increase oxygen supply through the blood flow
. good against viruses and infections

prevents miocardic infraction
. good for heart's blood flow
. blood vessels first expand and then shrink again
. heart is loaded; blood pressure can be 200/120, pulse 180 per min
. heart expects that and survives
. thus the heart muscle grows stronger every time
. in a study: men 45-59 years + sex 2/month = 1/2 risk of stroke than those who do it 1/month
. as long you are not doing it with a mistress because of the stress

prolongs life
. shown for men with 2 orgasms/weekly
. less heart-related problems
. true only for the ones in a emotionally stable relationship

protects the bones
. sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) provide for bone density
. prevents ostereoposa

improves the psychе
. produces hormones of pleasure
. one of them, cortizol, prevents depression
. serotonin and dopamine prevent stress, reduce anxiety, relieve tension
. sex keeps your well-balance
. endorphins prevent sleeplessness
. sex is especially important for women
. enriches emotional life
. enhances energies

makes relationships stronger
. deepens the feelings
. erotism is important
. is friendship enough?

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