Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

"My father used to read me bedtime stories out of this book called Evolution of Consciousness," Case says. One night he drew two points on a piece of paper. He asked what the shortest distance was from point A to point B. "A straight line," she said. 'There's an even shorter distance," he responded. And he folded the paper over so the two points touched—"which is the idea of a worm hole. Compressed time and space," Case says. "He told me this when I was four or five, and I would think about it every single night."

by Lily Cunningham / Fast Company (


Scot said...

"She's a digital native," Krug says. "She's from the future. She's, like, come back to help us figure out how to think."

Someone has a crush.

oceanwhale said...

Hehehe...Scot what have you been up to? : )

Scot said...

That comic you linked to is alarmingly close actually - just not quite the killing part.

oceanwhale said...

I Knew It : ) Sexy!