Wednesday, June 09, 2010

June 8, 1637: Descartes Codifies Scientific Method

Still, the Discourse on Method is widely regarded as one of the most influential works in the history of science, and as marking the beginning of the Scientific Revolution. “For it is not enough to have a good mind; it is more important to use it well.”

by Lisa Grossman, This Day In Tech, Wired (


Scot said...

I've always liked Descartes' efforts and intentions, not to mention his name descriptor (Cartesian - sounds very powerful), but he was a dualist (boooooo) and I always found "Cogito Ergo Sum" to be logically clumsy.

oceanwhale said...

What I like - is the idea to doubt everything.

On a related note I was almost certain that you are going to say something about the song video with Christina Hendricks or the images in Cosmic Motors.

Need to doubt more.

There is something very exciting about that : )

Scot said...

That song video was tough to get into, though she is not.

I'm looking forward to cosmic houses.

I need to doubt more too, but I doubt I will.

oceanwhale said...

: ) I love redheads. Stars. What would you see from your cosmic house? I'm curious as a "carrot". To be grounded.