Monday, September 13, 2010

Physicists Fashion the Ultimate Peashooter Out of Laser Light

Using a pipe of laser light, physicists at Australia National University spelled out their university's initials in glass spheres 60 to 100 micrometers wide from half a meter away.

by Science, AAAS(


oceanwhale said...

'Tractor Beam' One Step Closer to Reality: Laser Moves Small Particles

Scot said...

This is exactly why Star Trek needs to stop jerking around in the past and start making something set in the 27 or 28 hundreds. We're too quickly catching up to all the fictional technology on the show. Lasers, tractor beams, teleportaion. If we don't have new wonders to invent, we're going to start doing ridiculous things like pursuing the show's idiotic technobabble. 'Hey, let's see if we can alter the flux capacitor on the Hadron Collider and invert the gravitational polarity of the moon. What could go wrong?"